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ASK was founded in Norway in the mid eighties, and originally conducted R&D in LCD technology for the production of LCD panels.

In 1991, Tandberg Data, a world leader in data storage products, assumed ownership of the firm, which rejuvenated ASK by turning its target to projector manufacture by collaborating with Polaroid under the label “For Polaroid – By ASK”. The company undertook an aggressive marketing campaign, for projector sales, building a network of distributors in countries all over Europe and Asia. In 1998, to expand the market, ASK acquired its American competitor, Proxima Corporation.Later the company changed its name to Proxima ASA in 2000,

and as of 2005, the company was the second largest in the projector industry.In 2006, they were taken over by Infocus, and the brand ASK Proxima was created. In mid 2009, the AMT factory first took over the SMT [InFocus technology park in China], and then ASK Proxima in early 2011.

The ASK Proxima brand has projectors to suit every need and budget ranging from those in schools, churches and boardrooms to the home enthusiast and professional user.

The models are based on Sanyo production technology and Sony Bright Era LCD panels and are manufactured as either LCD, DLP or LED. The choice is yours.

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