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InFocus Projectors

InFocus is the last surviving big name in American projectors and is likely still the most recognized brand in the industry. A decade ago, InFocus was more than just a brand – people would say “I need an InFocus” when they needed a projector, just as one would ask for a “Kleenex” when wanting a tissue or “Aspirin” when they had a headache. In 2009, publicly traded InFocus was purchased and is now a private company only manufacturing and selling projectors for business, education, and home.


InFocus projectors still remain some of the most highly regarded in the industry. InFocus is one of the dominant manufacturers of business and K-12 projectors, most of which use DLP technology. Although there is a lot more competition out there today, InFocus is still considered a premier brand in projectors. Feel free to peruse our extensive database that will assist you in finding the Infocus projector that you’re looking for.


ASK Proxima Projectors

ASK Proxima Projectors – An old industry name makes a comeback. ASK Proxima projectors are designed in Norway – where they were once manufactured. Now a Chinese company, like many competitors their projectors are manufactured in China. The original Proxima company was one of the first US projector manufacturers, later bought by InFocus, then ASK. ASK Proxima now manufactures a number of 3LCD projectors.


ASK Proxima projectors cover a range of uses from fixed installation auditorium systems to portable projector technology. ASK Proxima produce office projectors that will meet your presentation needs. Their meeting room projectors weigh around 3kg and average about 2500 lumens with SVGA or VGA resolution. ASK Proxima has a nice line of pico projectors that weigh around 10kg with upwards of 2500 max lumen brightness.


Acer Projectors

ACER produces home theater projectors,portable projectors, classroom projectors, and office projectors. ACER projectors for home entertainment are FULL HD ready, while their education and business models boost superior zoon, high brightness, precise color for presentation, reduced harm to eyes, and ease for mobile usages. Acer produces home entertainment dlp projectors that are 3D-ready, come with replacement lamps, pull-up projection screen, and ceiling mount. Portable models weigh in at around 2kg, have 2000 ANSI brightness, 2000:1 contrast ratio, and HDMI connectivity. ACER business models include technologies such as Best Color Technology and EcoProjection Technology that cut stand-by energy usage by 50%.


Epson Projectors

Epson is the number one projector manufacturer in the world and is a dominant player in all markets in the United States, including home theater projectors, business projectors and education projectors. Epson makes only projectors with LCD technology and also makes the LCD panels for just about everybody else – Mitsubishi, Sanyo, Panasonic, and many others. Epson is the only company offering multiple all-in-one projectors, including their MovieMate line, and their complete Epson projector-based home theaters that consist of the projector, a screen, speakers, and a DVD player – the Epson Ensemble HDs.


Optoma Projectors

Optoma is one of the largest sellers of business and home theater projectors in the United States. With about two-dozen models total, Optoma is perhaps the best known manufacturer of the smallest projectors, the Pico projectors. One of their models took top honors in our recent Pico Projector Report.


NEC Projectors

NEC projectors produce large, crystal clear screen displays with a consistency you can count on. NEC projectors have a reputation for sharp picture, which have receied several industry awards. NEC has a portable projector series that are equipped with features such as: short throw lens technology that eliminates tradition shadows and projector light in the presenter’s eyes, extended projector lamp life, virtual remote from a computer, closed-captioning, built-in speaker system, and a wide input panel.